The Project

Over the course of four weeks, students traveled to regions of Italy to learn about ongoing social and political changes. The project is competely student produced. Interviews and reaction videos are captured, edited, and coded onto a custom digital map. The locations mapped are Rome, Cinecittá, Scampia, Frascati, and Ercolano.

Hofstra in Rome 2019

The Map

Students learned GeoJSON and site-specific storytelling in order to produce an interactive map that operates as both the host of their work and a collection of media archaeology data points.
Click here to see the interactive map.

Scampia Map

360 Videos

The 2019 project experimented with a new kit deployment which included more 360 degree videos designed to make the viewer feel as though they are part of the project.
Click here to play the 360 video playlist.
(Videos are rendered in 4K and best watched with a VR headset.)

360 at EUR

Learn more

To learn more about the Spatial Humanities Kit and the variety of projects, visit the SHK site or email Dr Jamie Cohen.
To learn more about Hofstra in Rome, email director Randy Hillebrand.